Amazing things you can do on 5G

Amazing things you can do on 5G!

Amazing things you can do on 5G! 5G is fifth generation of internet which will be wireless and have amazing speed of minimum 1 Gbps.

Just imagine what you can not do with such speed and without wires.

Drones you see are here before 5G and they are doing fine work but imagine how would they work on 5G network?

In this article I am going to share amazing things you can do on 5G, read whole article to know more;

  • Drones
  • Driver less cars
  • Robots
  • Manage your houses remotely
  • Virtual reality
  • Video Surveillance
  • ehealth
  • IoT
  • High internet speed at home

Drones on 5G:

Drones on 5G will be accurate and will be used for many purposes.

We know drones which are used to target some terrorist and hit missiles and use drone cameras to shoot videos or spy on many things.

But drones on 5G will be monitored from anywhere anytime with speed of light. Now when you order things a delivery boy visits and brings you the things you ordered but in near future delivery boys will loose their jobs and drones will be able to do it.

Amazon is trying to deliver things to their customers with drones.

We have police to monitor situations now sometimes but in near future we will have drones roaming above us and monitor the situations via HD camera installed in them.

Heard of drone spraying on agriculture land and sowing the seeds? Well you should know that drones will be able to do it as well.

The Sky Is the Limit in 5G Game of Drones | Product Engineering ...
Picture taken from google images – eInfochips

This is not an end there will be so many other things drones will do on 5G.

Driver less cars on 5G:

In near future you will find taxies with no drivers but a software will be installed in the cars which will be managed by some robot in the office, when you enter the address a program will patch your ride and come to your you and take you to your destination.

Tesla is number 1 car company which is working on driverless cars.

On the other hand uber is working on a system where car will not just take you to office but once your car leaves you in office then it can go itself to get you some extra dollars while you work in office from 9 AM to 5 PM.

5G technology will radically make driverless cars more efficient
Picture taken from google images – medium

Another picture where car is driving itself while the owner is reading a book

Will 5G be necessary for self-driving cars? - BBC News

Robots on 5G:

For now we have robots which are managed by near, the day is not far away when you give command to robots remotely and your work will be done in mini seconds.

Robots now are what should I say, basic. after 5G it will be so advance that all human may work for any robot.

Everything will be automated.

5G Technology Starts To Power Better Robots |
Via Google images – PTMNTS

Manage your house remotely on 5G

Can you now switch off that light while sitting at office? Well 5G technology will make you able to do it.

Now you can watch house cameras but with lack of 3-30 seconds lack but once 5G is here your cameras will respond in mini seconds.

Iot Solutions Stock Illustrations – 96 Iot Solutions Stock ...

Virtual Reality on 5G

Virtual reality means simulation of something which seems very real. What we have these days is very basic feature of virtual reality but in near future what we will see is the scene from a movie but in real.

The Integration of 5G with Augmented and Virtual Reality ...
google images

If you wanna purchase something you will be able to see in real time for example a house, a jam from a market or anything you name it.

You will be able to see it as you are there seeing yourself. This will be the real magic of 5G.

Video Surveillance on 5G

Samsung and KDDI Demonstrate Real Time 4K Video Communication ...
Samsung newsroom

With low latency and better speed on 5G surveillance system will anable us to make quick and better decisions and these cameras will be unreachable.

ehealth on 5G

What do you understand by eheatlh?

Health system will be taken care remotely, right? if you think that yes you are right, even surgeries could take place digitally.

Here is the video from internet a teaser how esurgery will look like;

IOT on 5G

IOT means Internet of Things.

Picture says a lot about iot.

High internet speed at home on 5G

Ever get annoyed on why internet speed is slow? why video is buffering? Why email is taking too long to be sent and many other issues like that due to slow internet.

Well, on 5G network we will never face such issues, that is the beauty of upcoming technology 5G.

1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
images by google

While many countries are planning to shift from 4G to 5G there are many 3rd world countries which are struggling to spread 3G in whole areas.

With 5G Networks, Your Campus Meetings Might Become Virtual ...
By edtech

A big question is that how much time 5G will take to reach all over the world?

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