5 Most Watched Videos on YouTube in 2022

5 Most Watched Videos on YouTube in 2022

So what are you listening to most in this year so far? This year gave blockbuster YouTube content including Coke Studio in Pakistan. But here is the list of 5 Most Watched Videos on YouTube in 2022 so far;

1) Baby Shark Song for Kids

Yes, if you are from Pakistan then you can relate more to it, it is the same song which went viral after Abrar Ul Haq’s speech in PTI’s Jalsa and it got so many memes.

Facts about this song;

  • It has 10.7 billion views on YouTube Only, imagine how many channels have uploaded it on different platforms.
  • Currently the video has 35 million likes

2) Despacito

Is it me or you also do not understand a single word from this song? But the tune and the music is so awesome that you just sing like this;

ashakjs hksjfhsdkjh sdfkhkjdf Despacito

Song has 7.8 billion views till date and 48 million+ likes

3) Johny Johny Yes Papa

This is the song uploaded by LooLoo Kids in 2016 and now it has reached to 6.3 billion views with 18 million likes on YT

4) Shape of You

Another iconic song of ED sheren, it is almost everyone’s favorite and is about 2 lovers who meet in boxing cluub. The beautiful song has 5.7 billion views and 29 million likes.

5) See You Again

So this song reminds you of people who are not anymore with you. It was sung when the lead actor of Fast & Furious Brian O’Conner passed away.

Although this year has still 6 more month but this is this 5 Most Watched Videos on YouTube in 2022 may change to different songs/videos at the year end.

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